The beautiful city lined with palm trees, means “the Lakeside town”. The city which is visited with “tankuas” (papyrus canoes) is famous for Lake Tana, which is the largest water body in Ethiopia and the source of the Blue Nile fall.

Bahirdar has recently been voted one among three promising cities in Africa; a good news for its residents and for the whole nation.

The city is as pleasant as you’ll find for relaxing and viewing Lake Tana and the weather is probably the best in Ethiopia.

Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile which floats from there to the Sudan. Just 30 kilometers outside of Bahir Dar one finds the famous Blue Nile Falls. In Ethiopia they call it Tisissat, which means “Water that smokes”. The water of the Blue Nile or “Tis Isat”, was discovered in 1770 by Bruce James, the famous British explorer,

The town is unique for the thirty-seven scattered islands in Lake Tana. They are accessed through boats where about twenty of them are shelter for churches and monasteries that are culturally and historically significant to the country.