Day 1: Arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Air port

Day 2: City tour in Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa is the third highest capital of the world on an altitude of 2300-2500 m. with a pleasant climate and a background of green with eucalyptus trees covered mountains. The city is founded in 1886 by Emperor Menelik II and Queen Taitu.
Visit Entoto Mountains, with very nice view over the capital, the National/Ethnographic museum, St George church and the Merkato, biggest open air market in Africa. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 3: Excursion to Menegash Suba forest
Menagesha National forest was the first known subject of an official conservation policy in Africa. Since the 16th century this forest is protected by the government. It is found near to Addis Ababa in the dense forested mountains.
Day 4: Drive to Jemma valley

Jemma Valley escarpment (upper Nile valley) is to spot the endemic and range restricted Harwood’s Francolin and many other birds; Egyptian Vulture, White-billed Starling, White-winged cliff chat, Tacazze sunbird, Abyssinian Woodpecker, Banded Barbet and so much..

Day 5: Drive to Debre Brehan – Ankober
Today you drive to Debre Brehan while en route make birding you have spot Pectoral-patch Cisticola, Eralanger’s Lark. On arrival in Ankober you will spot the rarest and endemic Ankober serin feeding in the highland grass fields and you can spot other birds such as Yellow-crowned Canary, Alpin Swifts, Lammergeyer and Augur Buzzard. Overnight stay in Ankober .
Day 6: Stay one more day in Ankober looking for endemic Ankober serin
Walk the around Ankober escarpment and road to rift valley looking for specially endemic and range restricted to this area are the Ankober Serin and other interesting species of birds of prey. Overnight stay in Ankober.

Day 7: Drive to Awash National Park via Aliu Amba
The Park and its surrounding area are very important for birds; the total number of species recorded now exceeds 460; there is a population of two globally threatened and restricted range species. Overnight stay in Awash National Park.

Day 8: One more birding in Awash National Park
In the thick acacia forest you will spot Red-winged Lark, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Blue-napped Mouse bird, Kori Bustard, Red-winged Lark, Yellow-billed kite, Yellow-necked Francolin and Grey Hornbill. Overnight stay in Awash National Park.

Day 9: Drive to Sodore
The hot springs resort of Sodore, situated at an altitude of 1,700m, stretches for about 1km on the banks of the Awash River about 25km south of Nazret. The riverine forest on the banks the river offers an excellent spot for birding. Walks in the surrounding countryside afford views of the vervet monkey and baboon, as well as crocodile, hippo, and a wealth of bird life. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 10: Drive back to Addis Ababa
Drive back to Addis Ababa 50km before Addis Ababa visit the Crater Lakes of Bishoftu, and visit aquatic birds. Birds expected to see include Little Bee-eaer, Black-billed barbet, African Paradise flycatcher, Masked weaver, Little Grebe, and large numbers of Weavers, Seed-eaters, Thrushes, Doves and Sunbirds.
You will make a last day shopping in Merkato or in the numerous souvenir shops near Churchill road, to visit art galleries. Late in afternoon have a fare-well dinner then check in for flight back home.