• Lalibela

    Lalibela is a small town in the middle of the Ethiopian highlands. It's surrounded by a rocky and dry area where just in the raining period farmers can grow their crops. One's called Roha and the capital of the Zagwe Dynasty which ruled over Ethiopia from the 10th century to the mid- 13th century. It was King Lalibela who builds the 13 rock -hewn churches. 800 year old Lalibela or Roha (the old name for Lalibela) is the second holiest Read More
  • Gondar

    Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia from the rise of Fasilades to the fall of Tewodros (1855-68) which is reflected in the many castles and palaces in the city. The city's main imperial precinct, known as the Royal Enclosure, covers an area of 7.7 hectares and contains five castles, raised walkways and connecting tunnels surrounded by high stone walls. The oldest of these is the Castle of Fasilades. Built of stone in the mid-17th century it reflects a number of Read More
  • Harar

    Harar is a walled city which stands on the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley and is the provincial capital of Ethiopia's largest administrative region, Hararge. The city's location gives wonderful views of the surrounding country - the vast Danakil desert to the north, the fertile Harar Mountains to the west, and the cattle rich Ogaden plains to the south. Harar is considered as a holy city by the Muslims, and within its walls are no less than 90 mosques. Read More
  • The Semien National Park

    The simien mountain massif is one of the major highlands of Africa, rising to the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4620m), which is the fourth highest peak in the continent. Although in Africa and not too far from the equator, snow and ice appear on the highest points and night temperatures often fall below zero. The natural event which took place million years ago created an extraordinary landscape, deep gorges and peaks, providing the Semien Mountains the most magnificent Read More
  • Awash National Park

    Awash National Park is found in the lowlands to the east, 211 Kms from the capital. With total area of 827 square kilometers, it’s bounded with Awash River in the south. The Fantale volcano, where one can see the dark scar of the latest lava flow, is among the main features of the park.   The plains of the park are excellent for game viewing and admiring the spectacular Awash Gorge.   Awash is home for numerous bird species and Read More
  • The Hamer

    The Hamer is a tribal people in southwestern Ethiopia. They live in Hamer Bena woreda (or district), a fertile part of the Omo River valley, in the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region (SNNPR). They are largely pastoralists, so their culture places a high value on cattle. The Hammer people are semi nomadic pastoralists migrating every few months to find pastures for their goats and cattle. Huts are round and conical made from a dome Read More
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Welcome Trinity Ethiopia Tour and travel

"TRINITY" is derived from Latin trinitas, meaning "the number three, a group consisting of three closely related members”.

Trinity Ethiopia Tour and Travel is result of Perichoresis and bilateral relationships between two Ethiopians and one American citizen that pave a way for the establishment of Trinity Ethiopia Tour and Travel in Ethiopia.

Trinity Ethiopia tour and travel is an Ethio- American Share Company that provides a unique opportunity for travelers all over the world to explore the historic riches and the natural beauty of Ethiopia. It is also established with the aim of providing efficient and professional services to its Clients/Customers traveling to Ethiopia using its experienced management, tour operators, and polyglot tour guides.

Mission: Trinity Ethiopia Tour and Travel is established with a mission of “provision of professional and outstanding tour and travel services to our clients traveling to Explore Ethiopia”. Vision: To make Ethiopia one of the best tourist destination in Africa as well as in the world via trinity Ethiopia tour and travel.

Come and visit Ethiopia; curdle of Human Kind, Old-Old beyond all your imaginations where humans first began to walk upright, nature, culture and history with Trinity Ethiopia Tour and travel. Read more

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  • Epiphany (Timket)

    Timket, feast of Epiphany is the greatest festival of the year falling on the 19 January just two weeks after Read More
  • Axum

    Axum is a town of Legends offering a glimpse to a truly remarkable past. It’s littered with the ruins of Read More
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